Calcium Chloride
     Calcium chloride anhydrous 94%-96%
     Calcium chloride anhydrous Granular
     Calcium chloride anhydrous Powder
     Calcium chloride anhydrous Pellet
     Calcium chloride dihydrate 74%-77%
     Calcium chloride dihydrate Granular
     Calcium chloride dihydrate Powder
     Calcium chloride dihydrate Flake
     Calcium chloride dihydrate Pellet
     Calcium Chloride 80%-85%
     Magnesium chloride
     Snow-dissolved agent
     Potassium formate
  About us

    Shouguang Dingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. in Haiyang Chemical high-tech industrial development zone, Weifang city, Shandong. Here is the largest crude salt, soda ash, bromine products production base in China.

    The annual output of calcium chloride is 17,0000 tons, calcium chloride granular anhydrous is 20,000 tons, calcium chloride powder anhydrous is 50,000 tons, calcium chloride dihydrate is 12,000 tons, flake calcium chloride flake dihydrate is 15,000 tons, calcium chloride powder dihydrate is 60,000 tons, calcium chloride granular dihydrate is 10,000 tons. The annual output of snow-melting agent is 40,000 tons, the annual output of magnesium chloride hexahydrate is 25,000 tons, calcium chloride is widely used in chemical, oil field-oil exploration, mine, construction, transportation,sonw smelting, light industry, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

    Our company owns import & exporting right and the ISO9001 international quality, environment management system certification. Our products have been export in North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan of China and other countries and regions.   

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